Monday, October 29, 2007

Emerging Church

A comment raised about the emerging church:
"I'm not a minister, but just your ordinary lay Methodist who has just now been made aware of this thing called the emerging church movement -- and I'm not sure how I feel about it, one way or the other. Would you feel comfortable addressing this topic some time?"

I'm just an ordinary Methodist too! I know little firsthand about the so-called emergent church. Mostly what I know is from the books by Brian MacLauren. However, what I read I like, such as the Emergent church's ability to reach young adults, its stress upon the sacraments, its stress upon a recovery of the tradition of the faith, etc. I have a couple of churches that are exploring some of this emergent material. Sounds interesting to me. Thanks for writing. Wish I had more to share.

Will Willimon


Nathan said...

Bishop Willimon,

Thanks very much for posting this. I, too, like what I have read from those associated with the emerging (or emergent?) church -- but then, I have read some of the criticisms and find myself agreeing with some of them, also. Like most things, I'm sure it's not perfect, but there is plenty of good to take from it.

Just want to say I've moved to Birmingham within the last 18 months, and have really been blessed to find a wonderful church home at First Church (downtown). I hope you'll be preaching again this year at Advent's Lenten series.

Pastor Chris Roberts said...

I am skeptical of anything that claims to be a movement (as we all have seen the results of the Methodist movement). But the attempts made by many churches to respond to the ever-changing culture and those church's desire to reach out to folks (especially younger folks) who are un-churched should be applauded. I hope more clergy and laity start considering new ways to reach out for Christ’s sake! Even if that means considering that which may at first seem unorthodox or perhaps orthodox in a way we have never thought about.
Chris Roberts
North Indiana Conference

Clay said...

His name is McLaren, Brian McLaren and would recommend that you read his books and create an opinion before you ask others who might or might not have read his books. Then you could have informed dialogue.

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