Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering 9/11

This week a number of our churches are having various services commemorating 9/11. That day changed many of our lives. I will never forget the Sunday after the tragedy. A few months later I published a book of sermons by campus pastors, The Sunday after Tuesday: Campus Pulpits Respond to 9/11 (Abingdon). Many of us pastors found that making sense out of this senseless tragedy was one of our greatest challenges in ministry.

Our own S.T. Kimbrough, master theologian, historian, poet and missionary, shared with me a hymn that he wrote to think about and to pray after 9/11. I share it with you as an offering from one of our Conference's most distinguished pastors.

The hymn is below. I have also linked a PDF file of it so you may have a printable version.

Will Willimon

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