Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Storm Recovery Thank You from the Willimons

Click here to watch a video from Bishop Willimon and his wife.


gallopingcamel said...

This is a heartfelt "Thank You" from someone you may not remember.

Your ideas on small community oriented schools were an inspiration to me and the parents who created six charter schools in North Carolina.

Sadly your ideas were undone by success. It is hard to say "No" to plans for expanding a school that has a waiting list of 500. Those tiny school are way too popular to remain small!

Here is one of them:

Peter Morcombe (

William H. Willimon said...

I've been thinking of you in recent days. The only good thing our Governor has done is to agitate for charter schools. I'm thrilled by the grand success of your experiment. We return to Durham this summer and I'll again teach at Divinity School. How are your boys?

Thnks for writing,